Greece Working Visa Apply Online 2024 for Bangladeshi

Many Bangladeshi want to apply for the Greece Working Visa. our website also posts most information about the Greece Working Visa. If you’re from Bangladesh and looking to apply for a work visa in Greece in 2024. Greece, Greece offers employment opportunities and a significant number of workers from other countries. if you go to earn around 1 Lakh Bangladeshi Taka per month, In this post how To apply for a Greece work visa.

How to apply for a Greece work visa?

To apply for a work visa in Greece, the Candidate needs to process for a residence permit. This Candidate submitting documents, a copy of your passport, two passport-sized photos, and employment contract information. These documents are for the application process, and the requirements to live and work in Greece legally. and follow the application procedures diligently for a smooth transition into your new work environment in Greece.

How can I get a Greece visa from Bangladesh?

To Get a Greece visa from Bangladesh, Go to the Embassy of Greece, when applying for a Greece Schengen visa, you must be physically present. to submit your visa application. Ensure you have all the necessary documents ready, your passport, application forms, photographs, and any additional requirements.

How much is the Greece visa fee?

The Greece visa fees vary depending on the category and the number of family members applying. The standard visa fee is 75€ or approximately 64.50 GBP per applicant. There is an administrative fee of 150€ or roughly 129.00 GBP per applicant. It’s important to note these fees when planning your visa application process to ensure you have the necessary funds available.

Greece work permit visa requirements

To apply for a Greece work permit visa, your national ID card, a working certificate, and relevant working training documents. Also information e a valid passport along with two photographs. You must demonstrate proof of accommodation in Greece and submit a cover letter. If employed, include proof of employment; if unemployed, self-employed. If retired, submit appropriate proof as well.

Greece work visa application form


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