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Racing TV Channel Review: Before you sign up

Racing TV Channel Review

If you are passionate about horse racing, Racing TV can offer you an unparalleled viewing experience. The channel is a must-have for fans of horse racing, as it broadcasts live horse racing events from over 40 of the UK’s top racecourses, including Cheltenham, Aintree, and Ascot. In addition to live coverage, Racing TV offers a range of informative and entertaining horse racing programs, including previews, post-race analysis, and expert commentary.

Before subscribing to Racing TV, it is essential to know the cost and the legal options available for watching the channel. Racing TV subscription prices vary, depending on the platform you choose to watch it on, with options ranging from monthly or annual subscriptions. You can watch Racing TV on a range of devices, including your TV, computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Overall, if you are a horse racing fan, Racing TV is the ultimate channel for all your horse racing needs. With its extensive live coverage and exclusive content, you will never miss a race again.

Who owns Racing TV?

Racecourse Media Group Ltd (RMG) is a significant player in the UK’s horse racing industry, owning and managing the media rights to over 30 racecourses across the country. Racing TV is the primary platform that RMG uses to distribute its content to fans across the UK and internationally.

In addition to Racing TV, RMG has interests in several other businesses related to horse racing, such as the digital service Racing TV International, the Racecourse Retail Business, and the Racecourse Data Company.

Racing TV’s extensive coverage of live horse racing events and exclusive content makes it one of the most popular channels for horse racing fans in the UK. Its closest competitor is Sky Sports Racing, which also offers live coverage of horse racing events and related programming.

RMG’s ownership of the racecourses and its use of Racing TV to distribute content has made it a dominant player in the UK’s horse racing industry, offering fans an unparalleled viewing experience of their favourite sport.

Where can I watch Racing TV from?

Racing TV’s primary broadcast area is in the United Kingdom and Ireland, with the channel being available on various TV platforms and via their website,

Viewers within these two countries can enjoy live coverage of horse racing events, expert analysis, and other horse racing-related programming. Racing TV is also available on other broadcast platforms such as Sky TV, which increases its reach within the UK and Ireland.

However, the content of Racing TV is not limited to these two countries. The Racecourse Media Group also owns Racing TV International, which broadcasts some of Racing TV’s content to viewers worldwide. With a stable internet connection, fans of horse racing can enjoy the international channel’s programming from any part of the globe.

It’s important to note that Racing TV International is a separate entity from Racing TV, and not all of the UK and Ireland-based channel’s content is broadcasted internationally. However, Racing TV International offers a great opportunity for horse racing fans across the world to stay connected with some of the UK’s most exciting racing events.

Racing TV Programs

Racing TV offers a wide range of programs related to horse racing, including live coverage of over 8,000 horse races each year, as well as race replays, expert analysis, and previews of upcoming races. Other programming includes racing news, interviews with jockeys, trainers, and owners, behind-the-scenes access to racecourses, and more. Racing TV also provides racecards, which are essential tools for betting on horse races, as they provide detailed information on each horse competing in a race, including their form, weight, and jockey.

  1. Horse Racing Results

Horse racing results are a vital component of the sport and can be found on various platforms, including Racing TV. After each race, the results are usually posted on the racecourse’s official website, Racing TV, and other horse racing-related websites. Horse racing results typically include the order in which the horses finished the race, their times, their jockeys, and trainers.

They may also include additional information such as the horses’ starting prices, the distance of the race, and any disqualified horses. For bettors, horse racing results are essential as they help them assess their wagers’ success and make informed decisions when placing future bets. Overall, horse racing results play a significant role in the sport, providing vital information to all involved in the industry.

  1. Live Horse Racing

Although most of Racing TV’s content is focused on live horse racing events from the UK and Ireland’s racecourses owned by the Racecourse Media Group, the channel occasionally airs races from international events. This provides horse racing fans with the opportunity to experience some of the world’s most exciting horse racing events from the comfort of their homes.

Racing TV’s coverage of international events may include expert analysis and commentary, interviews with participants, and behind-the-scenes access to the racecourses, allowing viewers to get a comprehensive view of the events.

  1. This Racing Life

This Racing Life is a captivating program that offers a glimpse into the world of British and Irish horse racing. The show features interviews with trainers, jockeys, and other industry professionals who share their experiences and insights.

Viewers can learn about the intricacies of horse training, the importance of racing equipment, and the day-to-day operations of racecourses. In addition to This Racing Life, Racing TV also offers a range of other programs, including My Racing Life, The Full SP, The Friday Club, and Luck on Sunday. With its comprehensive coverage and diverse programming, Racing TV is the ultimate destination for horse racing enthusiasts.

  1. Racing Replay

If you missed your favorite horse races, don’t worry! Racing TV offers a racing replay program that allows you to catch up at your own pace. The channel replays all the major racing events, including British and Irish racing events. This is an excellent opportunity for racing fans who missed a race due to other commitments or time differences to catch up on the action.

The racing replays are available on Racing TV’s website, making it easy for fans to access and watch at their convenience. Overall, the racing replay program is an excellent addition to Racing TV’s content, providing fans with the flexibility to enjoy the races at their own pace.

  1. Mark Your Card

Mark Your Card is a popular betting service featured on Racing TV. The show is hosted by a team of experts who analyze upcoming racing events and use their knowledge of statistics, past results, and current racer form to predict outcomes.

Viewers can use this information to place informed bets on the races. With its in-depth analysis and expert insights, Mark Your Card is a must-watch for anyone interested in horse racing and betting.

  1. Racing News

In addition to live events and replays, Racing TV also provides up-to-date news coverage of various events in the horse racing world. The channel covers racing results, conducts interview features with jockeys, trainers, and owners, and provides breaking news related to the sport.

The news coverage on Racing TV is an excellent resource for horse racing fans who want to stay informed about the latest developments in the sport. It adds depth and context to the live events and replays and keeps fans engaged and informed. Overall, Racing TV’s news coverage is a valuable addition to the channel’s content, providing fans with a comprehensive horse racing experience.

Can I watch Racing TV

Racing TV is a popular platform for racing enthusiasts, and there are several ways you can access its content. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

TV Channels:

  1. Turn on your TV and tune in to one of the following channels: Sky (channel 426), Virgin Media (Channel 536 in the UK and Channel 411 in Ireland), or Vodafone TV (Channel 421).

Online Viewing:

  1. Visit on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Click on the “Livestream” option on the top right corner of the website to access the channel’s live stream.
  3. To access on-demand content, results, and replays, navigate to the relevant sections on the website.

Mobile Phone:

  1. Download the Racing TV app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  2. Sign in using your Racing TV account credentials.
  3. Choose the live stream or on-demand content you want to watch.

Racing TV Extra:

  1. Log in to your Racing TV account on
  2. Click on the Racing TV Extra option on the top right corner of the website.
  3. Choose the live stream you want to watch from the available options.

Racing TV International:

  1. Download the Racing TV International app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) if you are outside the UK.
  2. Sign in using your Racing TV International account credentials.
  3. Choose the live stream or on-demand content you want to watch.

With these different platforms available, accessing Racing TV content has never been easier.

What does Racing TV cost?

If you’re a horse racing enthusiast, you might be wondering about the cost of Racing TV and whether it’s a free or subscription-based channel. Unfortunately, the days of free Racing TV content are long gone, as the channel discontinued its free viewing on UK’s Freeview DTV platform in 2020.

To access Racing TV content, you’ll need an active subscription. The cost of the subscription varies depending on the platform you’re using. If you’re using Sky TV, you can get Racing TV for a monthly fee of €31 or £24.98. However, there are a few offers available, such as a one-month free trial and a promo code that gives you a 50% discount on the first year.

Virgin TV and Vodafone TV users can also access Racing TV, with a subscription cost of €26 and €30 per month, respectively. If you’re looking for a more short-term option, Racing TV offers a one-day subscription pass for £10/€10.

For international viewers, Racing TV International is available for a monthly subscription of £29.99 or £300 per year. Regardless of the subscription you choose, you can access Racing TV content on other platforms, including live stream and mobile/device apps.

In addition to access to Racing TV content, a subscription also offers a Club Days pass, which allows you to attend races in person for free. Overall, while Racing TV is no longer free, the subscription options provide access to a wide range of horse racing content, making it a worthwhile investment for horse racing fans.

How to subscribe  Racing TV

If you want to access Racing TV content, you will need to subscribe as free viewing is no longer an option.

  1. Visit Racing TV’s website and click on the “Join now” button.
  2. Choose your preferred subscription plan based on the platform you are using (Sky TV, Virgin TV, Vodafone TV, Racing TV Day Pass, or Racing TV International).
  3. Fill in your personal and billing information, including your name, email, phone number, and payment details.
  4. Review and confirm your subscription plan and details.
  5. Create a login and password for your account.
  6. Download the Racing TV app on your mobile device or other platforms such as Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV.
  7. Sign in to your account on the app to access Racing TV content on the go.

It’s worth noting that Racing TV offers various promotional offers and discounts, so be sure to check their website for any current offers. With a Racing TV subscription, you can access all their content on different platforms, including live streaming and mobile apps, as well as enjoy perks like Club Days pass to attend races for free.

Can I get Racing TV free?

Racing TV is a subscription-based service, so it’s not available for free. However, some betting sites offer free access to Racing TV as part of their promotions or sign-up bonuses. Alternatively, you can check if your TV provider offers a Racing TV package or consider subscribing directly to Racing TV to enjoy its horse racing coverage and programming.

How do I get Racing TV on my TV?

To get Racing TV on your TV, you’ll need to subscribe to the service and have access to a compatible device such as a set-top box, smart TV, or streaming stick. Once you have subscribed, you can download the Racing TV app on your device and log in with your credentials to access live streams and on-demand content. Some TV providers also offer Racing TV as part of their packages, so you may want to check with them as well.

Is Racing TV free-to-air?

No, Racing TV is not free-to-air. It is a subscription-based channel that requires a paid subscription to access its content. However, some betting sites may offer free access to Racing TV as part of their promotions or sign-up bonuses. Additionally, some TV providers may offer Racing TV as part of their package, so it’s worth checking with your provider to see if this is an option.

What TV channel is Racing TV on?

Racing TV is not available on traditional TV channels. It is a dedicated horse racing channel that can be accessed through a paid subscription and viewed on compatible devices such as set-top boxes, smart TVs, and streaming sticks via the Racing TV app.

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