Kuwait Work Visa 2024 for Bangladesh

Kuwait Work Visa 2024 for Bangladesh – https://application.kuwaitvisa.com. Now we explain some of the important subjects and tips that are necessary for knowing as a work visa candidate. Many Bangladeshi jobless people looking for a Kuwait Visa for Bangladeshi workers in 2024, Now this is the right time to apply for a Kuwait work visa from Bangladesh in 2024 streamlined process through the online application system.

Kuwait Work Visa 2024

Now we provide some of the important knowledge that is helpful for you. At a Glance now you can apply for your work visa at home, our website post fulfills all your requirements. Bangladeshi Nationals who hold a residency permit for a GCC country are eligible to apply for a Kuwait visa. The travel visa can be easily obtained via an online application.

The prices of various types of visas have increased a lot compared to earlier. Now you can know the details of how much it will cost to go to Kuwait after comparing the airfare and other expenses by reading this post. Through today’s post, I have informed you about the cost of a Kuwait visa. To know the cost of different types of Kuwait visa, keep reading our post.

That is why most of the people from Bangladesh who want to go for work in Kuwait want to go for various jobs in Kuwait company visa. However, some people want to know what category of company work is included in Kuwait company visa. So now I will tell you what category of company work is included in the Kuwait company visa.

  • Construction Company
  • Electronic company
  • Driving company
  • Hotel company
  • Restaurant Company
  • Farm Company
  • Servicing Company
  • Industrial company
  • There are also some other companies.

Kuwait work visa price

The price varies depending on the visa category. You can apply for several categories of visas from Bangladesh. Currently, getting a Kuwait visa has become very difficult. If you don’t have any acquaintances, it costs a lot to get a visa from Bangladesh through a broker or agency. If you want to get a current Kuwait visa, it will cost from a minimum of 3 lakh BDT to 8 lakh BDT.

Kuwait work visa age limit

Minimum age 20 years and maximum age 60 years.

Kuwait work visa salary

Currently, there are various types of job companies in Kuwait. And the salary of each job company is determined differently. Also if you have good experience on the job of your company then you can earn a lot of money. At present, the common companies in Kuwait pay salaries between Tk 30,000 and Tk 40,000.

There are more high-quality companies in Kuwait and they pay above 50 thousand to 60 thousand BDT per month in high-quality companies. Also, those who have professional workers and jobs in Kuwait companies pay a salary of 70k to 1 lakh BDT per month. Those who have educational qualifications and work experience in fresher status can earn above 60k BDT.

Kuwait work permit cost

If you apply for a Kuwait company visa through an agency, your visa will cost around Rs 5 lakh to Rs 8 lakh, including various expenses.

kuwait work visa processing time

It meybe take 15 days to 30 days.

Kuwait work visa requirements

A company visa is required to visit Kuwait on a company visa. However, if you want to get a Kuwait company visa, you must apply for the visa. But before applying, you need to know what documents are required for a Kuwait company visa. That’s why many people want to know what documents are required for a Kuwait company visa online. So now I will tell you what documents are required for a Kuwait company visa.

  • A valid passport
  • 2 copies of passport size photograph with white background
  • Photocopy of National Identity Card
  • Training certificate
  • Certificate etc. attested by the Chairman.

Kuwait work visa apply online

Currently, if you want to go from Bangladesh to Kuwait for the work of various companies, you will definitely need a visa. However, applying for a visa is required to generate a Kuwait company visa. Currently, most of the people who want to apply for Kuwait company visa do not know the correct rules to apply.

However, if a Kuwaiti company wants to apply for a visa, they must know the rules, if something goes wrong, the visa application will be cancelled. Also some people want to know the rules for applying Kuwait company visa online. So now I will show you the rules to apply for Kuwait company visa.

  • First you have to enter the official website https://kuwait.mofa.gov.bd/
  • After that the form to provide information will come in front of you and there you have to provide your personal information, passport information and company information etc.
  • Collect and print the application form after filling it correctly.
  • Attach all required information like passport copy, business license and business registration certificate along with the application form.
  • Then you will be directed to go to the Kuwaiti embassy and complete the visa application process by submitting
  • the application form and all the necessary documents.
  • Your Kuwait Company Visa will be issued upon completion of the application form and eligibility test.
  • Also, you can apply for a Kuwait company visa through a Bangladesh travel agency.

Kuwait work visa check online

Kuwait work visa check online by passport number

Kuwait work visa application form pdf


However, we are trying to give all kinds of Kuwait working visa-related information. If any person reads in above article then they decide how may cost to go to Kuwait from Bangladesh. So it is helpful for workers who want to go abroad such as in Kuwait country. For more work visa info then connect with our website visa guide category.

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